About us

As two highly trained and experienced professionals with five and ten years of experience working for other flooring companies we have decided to open and grow our own business and on august 2005 ISR Hardwood flooring was born.

Great knowledge and experience that we poses and our determination to do things right are some of the things that are very well recognized among managements that we maintain, as well as in the private sector by various customers that we are working for or we have worked for. 

Previously recognized as exceptional workers it wasn’t hard for us to gain trust among our customers and to have great start in year 2005.

Trough our previous experience we have found ways to provide multiple solutions to avoid issues that other companies have, material and/or machinery vise.

Difference between our company and others is that we are constantly improving quality of material and machinery that it has been used by doing research and working closely with suppliers.

These are major factors that brought our company to the leading position in the industry.

Driven by customer’s satisfaction we are always using best materials and high quality products.

Choosing ISR Hardwood Flooring means choosing quality, our customers can really feel and see the difference. 



That's what we are!